Best Songs of All Time

Welcome to the “Best Songs of All Time” list.  This is a meta-list that combines approximately 15 separate “best of” lists.  The results below consist of all the songs that were contained on at least three of the original source lists.  Because most “Best Songs of All Time” lists are restricted to pop and rock music since the late 1950s, I sought out specific genres to create a more diverse list.  So I have also added lists of the best blues, best jazz, best country, best folk, best hip hop, best soul/R&B, best movie music and best music of the past 20 years.  I have to apologize for the lack of songs from non-English-speaking cultures.  Also, the vast majority of the songs are from the United States.  I hope to create a ‘best songs’ list with a more worldwide scope someday.

How to read the list entries:  (1) First, the number in bold and underlined indicates the number of original source lists the song was on.  (2) Each entry begins with the song title (in bold-italic).  (3) Then, the date the song was written or first recorded.  (4) Wr = the name(s) of the songwriter(s). (5) DV (definitive version) = the name of the performer (in italics) and the date of the definitive recording of the song (sometimes obvious, sometimes a subjective assessment).

The list is organized by rank, with the most-listed song first, and so on.  Songs with equal rank are presented in chronological order based on the date the song was written.

I Heard It Through The Grapevine (1966) Wr: Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong.  DV: Marvin Gaye (1968)

(1972) Wr: Stevie Wonder.  DV: Stevie Wonder (1972)
Fight The Power 
(1989) Wr: Carlton Ridenhour, Eric Sadler, Hank Boxley, Keith Boxley.  DV:  Public Enemy (1989)
Smells Like Teen Spirit
 (1991) Wr: Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic & Dave Grohl. DV: Nirvana (1991)

Stand By Me
(1961) Wr: Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller.  DV: Ben E King (1961)
Respect (1965) Wr: Otis Redding.  DV: Aretha Franklin (1967)
Good Vibrations  (1966) Wr: Brian Wilson & Mike Love.  DV: The Beach Boys (1966)
What’s Going On (1970) Wr: Renauldo Benson, Al Cleveland & Marvin Gaye.  DV: Marvin Gaye (1971)
Imagine (1971) Wr. John Lennon.  DV: John Lennon (1971)
I Will Always Love You (1974) Wr: Dolly Parton.  DV: Whitney Houston (1992)
Rapper’s Delight 
(1979) Wr: Sylvia Robinson, Big Bank Hank, Wonder Mike, Master Gee, Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers.  DV: Sugarhill Gang (1979)
Billie Jean
 (1982) Wr: Michael Jackson.  DV: Michael Jackson (1982)
The Message (1982) Wr: Clifton Chase, Edward Fletcher, Melvin Glover & Sylvia Robinson.  DV: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (1982)
Every Breath You Take
 (1982) Wr: Sting.  DV: The Police (1983)

Georgia On My Mind (1930) Wr: Hoagy Carmichael & Stuart Gorrell.  DV:  Ray Charles (1960)
Don’t Be Cruel (1956) Wr: Otis Blackwell & Elvis Presley.  DV: Elvis Presley (1956)
Crazy (1961) Wr: Willie Nelson. DV: Patsy Cline (1961)
Blowin’ In The Wind (1962) Wr: Bob Dylan. DV: Bob Dylan (1963)
Dancing In The Street (1964) Wr: Marvin Gaye, William Stevenson, & Ivy Jo Hunter. DV: Martha and the Vandellas (1964)
My Girl 
(1964) Wr: Smokey Robinson & Ronald White.  DV: The Temptations (1964)
Like a Rolling Stone (1965) Wr: Bob Dylan. DV: Bob Dylan (1965)
(Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay (1967) Wr: Otis Redding & Steve Cropper.  DV: Otis Redding (1968)
Bridge Over Troubled Water
(1969) Wr: Paul Simon.  DV: Simon and Garfunkel (1970)
Layla (1970) Wr: Eric Clapton & Jim Gordon.  DV: Derek And The Dominos (1970)

St. Louis Blues
(1914) Wr: W.C. Handy.  DV: Bessie Smith (1925)
Strange Fruit (1937?) Wr: Abel Meeropol.  DV:  Billie Holiday (1939)
Over The Rainbow (1939) Wr: Harold Arlen & E.Y. Yarburg. DV: Judy Garland (1939)
Hound Dog (1952) Wr: Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller.  DV: Elvis Presley (1956)
Rock Around the Clock
 (1952) Wr: Max C. Freedman & James E. Myers/Jimmy De Knight.  DV: Bill Haley and His Comets (1954)
What’d I Say (1958) Wr: Ray Charles.  DV: Ray Charles (1959)
The Girl From Ipanema
  (1962) Wr: Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes & Norman Gimbel.  DV: Astrud Gilberto, with Stan Getz & João Gilberto (1964)
The Times They Are A-Changin’ (1964) Wr: Bob Dylan.  DV: Bob Dylan (1964)
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (1964) Wr: Phil Spector, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil.  DV: The Righteous Brothers (1964)
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (1965) Wr: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards. DV: The Rolling Stones (1965)
I Got You (I Feel Good) (1965) Wr: James Brown.  DV: James Brown (1965)
God Only Knows (1966) Wr: Brian Wilson & Tony Asher.  DV: The Beach Boys (1966)
Light My Fire (1967) Wr: Robbie Krieger & The Doors.  DV: The Doors (1967)
Hey Jude (1968) Wr: Paul McCartney.  DV: The Beatles (1968)
Killing Me Softly With His Song (1971) Wr: Norman Gimbel & Charles Fox.  DV: Roberta Flack (1973)
Born To Run (1975) Wr: Bruce Springsteen.  DV: Bruce Springsteen (1975)
Stayin’ Alive (1977) Wr:  Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb.  DV: Bee Gees (1977)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (1979) Wr: Ian Curtis, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris & Bernard Summer.  DV: Joy Division (1980)
When Doves Cry (1984) Wr: Prince.  DV: Prince (1984)
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
 (1987) Wr: Bono & U2.  DV: U2 (1987)
Losing My Religion (1990) Wr: Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills & Michael Stipe.  DV: R.E.M. (1991)

(1927; lyrics 1929) Wr: Hoagy Carmichael & Mitchell Parrish.  DV: Nat King Cole (1955)
Mack the Knife (1928) Wr: Kurt Weil & Bertolt Brecht. English lyrics: Marc Blitzstein (1954).  DV: Bobby Darin (1959)
Summertime (1935) Wr: George Gershwin & DuBose Heyward.  DV: Billie Holiday (1936)
White Christmas 
(1940) Wr: Irving Berlin.  DV: Bing Crosby (1942)
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
(1949) Wr: Hank Williams.  DV: Hank Williams (1949)
Blue Suede Shoes (1955) Wr: Carl Perkins.  DV: Carl Perkins (1956)
Unchained Melody (1955) Wr: Alex North & Hy Zaret.  DV: The Righteous Brothers (1965)
Johnny B. Goode
(1958) Wr: Chuck Berry.  DV: Chuck Berry (1958)
Take Five (1959) Wr: Paul Desmond.  DV: The Dave Brubeck Quartet (1959)
Crying (1961) Wr: Joe Melson & Roy Orbison.  DV: Roy Orbison (1961)
I Want to Hold Your Hand (1963) Wr: John Lennon & Paul McCartney.  DV: The Beatles (1963)
Be My Baby (1963) Wr: Phil Spector, Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich.  DV: The Ronettes (1963)
Oh, Pretty Woman (1964) Wr: Roy Orbison & Bill Dees.  DV: Roy Orbison (1964)
A Love Supreme, Pt. 1: Acknowledgment (1964) Wr: John Coltrane.  DV: John Coltrane (1965)
Yesterday (1965) Wr: Paul McCartney.  DV: The Beatles (1965)
Mr. Tambourine Man (1965) Wr: Bob Dylan.  DV: The Byrds (1965)
A Day In The Life (1967) Wr: John Lennon & Paul McCartney.  DV: The Beatles (1967)
All Along The Watchtower (1967) Wr: Bob Dylan.  DV: Jimi Hendrix (1968)
I Want You Back (1969) Wr: Berry Gordy, Freddie Perren, Alphonzo Mizell & Deke Richards.
DV: The Jackson 5 (1969)
Let It Be
(1969) Wr: Paul McCartney.  DV: The Beatles (1970)
Stairway To Heaven (1971) Wr: Robert Plant & Jimmy Page.  DV: Led Zeppelin (1971)
Let’s Stay Together (1971) Wr: Al  Green, Willie Mitchell & Al Jackson.  DV: Al Green (1971)
Candle In The Wind (1973) Wr: Elton John & Bernie Taupin.  DV: Elton John (1973, 1997)
Walk This Way (1975) Wr: Steven Tyler & Joe Perry.  DV: Run-D.M.C. feat. Aerosmith (1986)
I Love Rock ‘n Roll 
(1975) Wr: Alan Merrill & Jake Hooker.  DV: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (1982)
Hotel California
(1976) Wr: Don Henley, Glenn Frey & Don Felder.  DV: The Eagles (1976)
I Will Survive (1978) Wr: Freddie Perren & Dino Fekaris.  DV: Gloria Gaynor (1978)
Heart Of Glass 
(1978) Wr: Deborah Harry & Chris Stein.  DV: Blondie (1978)
London Calling
(1979) Wr: Joe Strummer & Mick Jones.  DV: The Clash  (1979)
Once In A Lifetime (1980) Wr: David Byrne, Brian Eno, Chris Franz, Tina Weymouth & Jerry Harrison.  DV: Talking Heads (1981)
(1984) Wr: Leonard Cohen.  DV: Jeff Buckley (1994)
Nothing Compares 2 U (1985) Wr: Prince.  DV: Sinead O’Connor (1990)
(1991) Wr: Bono & U2.  DV: U2 (1991)
Common People 
(1995) Wr: Nick Banks, Jarvis Cocker, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackay & Russell Senior.  DV: Pulp (1995)

My Heart Will Go On (1997) Wr: James Horner & Will Jennings.  DV: Celine Dion (1997)

The House Of The Rising Sun 
(Traditional)  DV: The Animals (1964)
La Bamba 
(Traditional; 1958 arr.) Wr: Richie Valens (arr.).  DV: Richie Valens (1958)
We Shall Overcome 
(Traditional; 1960 arr.) Wr: Zilphia Horton, Frank Hamilton, Guy Carawan & Pete Seeger.  DV: Joan Baez (1963)
Wildwood Flower (1860) Wr: Joseph Philbrick Webster & Maud Irving.  DV: The Carter Family (1928)
It Had To Be You (1924) Wr: Isham Jones & Gus Kahn.  DV: Betty Hutton (1944)
Ol’ Man River 
(1927) Wr: Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II.  DV: Paul Robeson (1936)
Mood Indigo
 (1930) Wr: Duke Ellington, Barney Bigard & Irving Mills.  DV: Duke Ellington (1930)
Body And Soul (1930) Wr: Edward Heyman, Robert Sour, Frank Eyton & Johnny Green.  DV: Coleman Hawkins (1939)
Stormy Weather (1933) Wr: Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler.  DV: Lena Horne (1943)
My Funny Valentine
(1937) Wr: Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart.  DV: Chet Baker (1953)
One O’Clock Jump (1937) Wr: Count Basie.  DV: Count Basie (1937)
God Bless The Child (1939) Wr: Arthur Herzog, Jr. & Billie Holiday.  DV: Billie Holiday (1941)
This Land Is Your Land (1940) Wr: Woody Guthrie.  DV: Woody Guthrie (1944)
Blueberry Hill (1940) Wr: Vincent Rose, Larry Stock & Al Lewis.  DV: Fats Domino (1956)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
(1946) Wr: Bill Monroe.  DV:  Bill Monroe and The Blue Grass Boys (1947)
Maybellene (1955) Wr: Chuck Berry.  DV: Chuck Berry (1955)
Tutti Frutti (1955) Wr: Little Richard & Dorothy LaBostrie.  DV: Little Richard (1955)
Heartbreak Hotel (1956) Wr: Mae Boren Axton, Tommy Durden & Elvis Presley.  DV: Elvis Presley (1956)
I Walk The Line (1956) Wr: Johnny Cash.  DV: Johnny Cash (1956)
Jailhouse Rock 
(1957) Wr: Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller.  DV: Elvis Presley (1957)
Great Balls Of Fire
(1957) Wr: Otis Blackwell.  DV: Jerry Lee Lewis (1957)
So What (1959) Wr: Miles Davis.  DV: Miles Davis (1959)
Freddie Freeloader (1959) Wr: Miles Davis.  DV: Miles Davis (1959)
Blue In Green (1959) Wr: Bill Evans.  DV: Miles Davis (1959)
Shout (1959) Wr: Rudolph Isley, Ronald Isley & O’Kelly Isley, Jr.  DV: The Isley Brothers (1959)
My Favorite Things (1959) Wr: Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II.  DV: John Coltrane (1961)
Ring of Fire (1963) Wr: June Carter Cash & Merle Kilgore.  DV: Johnny Cash (1963)
A Change Is Gonna Come (1963) Wr: Sam Cooke.  DV: Sam Cooke (1964)
Walk On By (1963) Wr: Burt Bacharach & Hal David.  DV: Dionne Warwick (1964)
California Dreamin’ (1963) Wr: John Philips & Michelle Philips.  DV: The Mamas & The Papas (1965)
My Generation (1965) Wr: Pete Townshend.  DV: The Who (1965)
In My Life (1965) Wr: John Lennon & Paul McCartney.  DV: The Beatles (1965)
California Girls (1965) Wr: Brian Wilson & Mike Love.  DV: The Beach Boys (1965)
The Tracks Of My Tears (1965) Wr: Smokey Robinson, Warren Moore & Marvin Tarplin.  DV: Smokey Robinson & the Miracles (1965)
Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
 (1965) Wr: James Brown.  DV: James Brown (1965)
The Sounds Of Silence
(1965) Wr: Paul Simon.  DV: Simon & Garfunkel (1965)
River Deep – Mountain High (1965)  Wr: Phil Spector, Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich.  DV: Ike & Tina Turner (1966)
When A Man Loves A Woman (1966) Wr: Calvin Lewis & Andrew Wright.  DV: Percy Sledge (1966)
What A Wonderful World (1967) Wr: Bob Theile & George David Weiss.  DV: Louis Armstrong (1967)
Waterloo Sunset (1967) Wr: Ray Davies.  DV: The Kinks (1967)
Purple Haze (1967) Wr: Jimi Hendrix.  DV: Jimi Hendrix (1967)
Born To Be Wild (1967) Wr: Mars Bonfire.  DV: Steppenwolf (1968)
Sympathy For The Devil
(1968) Wr: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards.  DV: The Rolling Stones (1968)
Proud Mary (1968) Wr: John Fogerty.  DV: Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969)
Mr. Bojangles (1968) Wr: Jerry Jeff Walker.  DV: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (1970)
(1969) Wr: George Harrison.  DV: The Beatles (1969)
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (1969) Wr: Robbie Robertson.  DV: The Band (1969)
Gimme Shelter (1969) Wr: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards.  DV: The Rolling Stones (1969)
Your Song (1970) Wr: Elton John & Bernie Taupin.  DV: Elton John (1970)
Fire And Rain (1970) Wr: James Taylor.  DV: James Taylor (1970)
American Pie (1971) Wr: Don McLean.  DV: Don McLean (1971)
Theme from Shaft (1971) Wr: Isaac Hayes.  DV: Isaac Hayes (1971)
No Woman No Cry (1974) Wr: Bob Marley.  DV: Bob Marley (1974)
Tangled Up In Blue (1975) Wr: Bob Dylan.  DV: Bob Dylan (1975)
Anarchy In The UK (1976) Wr: Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Glen Matlock & Johnny Rotten.  DV: The Sex Pistols (1976)
Dancing Queen (1975) Wr: Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus & Stig Anderson.  DV: ABBA  (1976)
Heroes (1977) Wr: David Bowie & Brian Eno.  DV: David Bowie (1977)
I Wanna Be Sedated (1978) Wr: Dee Dee Ramone, Joey Ramone & Johnny Ramone.  DV: The Ramones (1978)
Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 
(1979) Wr: Roger Waters.  DV: Pink Floyd (1979)
He Stopped Loving Her Today 
(1980) Wr: Billy Sherrill & George Jones.  DV: George Jones (1980)
Flashdance…What a Feeling  (1982) Wr: Giorio Moroder, Keith Forsey & Irene Cara.  DV: Irene Cara (1983)
The Wind Beneath My Wings (1982) Wr: Larry Henley & Jeff Silbar.  DV: Bette Midler (1988)
What’s Love Got To Do With It (1984) Wr: Terry Britten & Graham Lyle.  DV: Tina Turner (1984)
Born in the U.S.A. (1984) Wr: Bruce Springsteen.  DV: Bruce Springsteen (1984)
Push It (1987) Wr: Hurby Azor & Raymond Douglas Davies.  DV: Salt-N-Pepa (1987)
Fast Car 
(1987) Wr: Tracy Chapman.  DV: Tracy Chapman (1988)
Sweet Child O’ Mine 
(1987) Wr: Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagen & Steven Adler.  DV: Guns N’ Roses (1988)
Fuck Tha Police
 (1988) Wr: Ice Cube, MC Ren, Eazy-E.  DV: N.W.A. (1988)
Creep (1992) Wr: Thom Yorked & Radiohead.  DV: Radiohead (1992)
Loser (1993) Wr: Beck & Carl Stephenson.  DV: Beck (1993)
Wonderwall (1995) Wr: Noel Gallagher.  DV: Oasis (1995)
Hurt (1994) Wr: Trent Reznor.  DV: Johnny Cash (2002)
Paranoid Android (1997) Wr: Thom Yorke & Radiohead.  DV: Radiohead (1997)
Smooth (1999) Wr: Rob Thomas & Itaal Shur.  DV: Santana feat. Rob Thomas
Get Ur Freak On (2000) Wr. Melissa Elliott & Tim Mosley.  DV: Missy Elliott (2001)
99 Problems (2003) Wr: Jay-Z.  DV: Jay-Z (2003)

Goodnight, Irene (Traditional, 1933 arr.)  Wr: Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter, arr.  DV: The Weavers (1950)
Tom Dooley (Traditional)  DV: The Kingston Trio (1958)
Alexander’s Ragtime Band (1911) Wr: Irving Berlin.  DV: Ella Fitzgerald (1958)
Tea For Two (1925) Wr: Vincent Youmans & Irving Caesar.  DV: Art Tatum (1939)
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1929) Wr: Fats Waller, Harry Brooks & Andy Razaf.  DV: Fats Waller (1929)
Singin’ in the Rain (1929) Wr: Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown.  DV: Gene Kelly (1952)
I Got Rhythm (1930) Wr: George Gershwin & Ira Gershwin.  DV: Gene Kelly (1951)
As Time Goes By (1931) Wr: Herman Hupfeld.  DV: Dooley Wilson (1942)
Minnie The Moocher
(1931) Wr: Cab Calloway & Irving Mills.  DV: Cab Calloway (1931)
Night and Day (1932) Wr: Cole Porter.  DV: Fred Astaire (1932)
Try A Little Tenderness (1932) Wr: Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly & Harry Woods.  DV: Otis Redding (1966)
Cheek to Cheek (1935) Wr: Irving Berlin.  DV: Fred Astaire (1935)
Begin The Beguine (1935) Wr: Cole Porter.  DV: Artie Shaw (1938)
Sing, Sing, Sing (1936) Wr: Louis Prima.  DV: Benny Goodman (1937)
I’ve Got You Under My Skin (1936) Wr: Cole Porter.  DV: Frank Sinatra (1956)
In The Mood (1939) Wr: Andy Razaf & Joe Garland.  DV: Glenn Miller (1940)
Take The ‘A’ Train (1939) Wr: Billy Strayhorn.  DV: Duke Ellington (1941)
When You Wish Upon a Star (1940) Wr: Leigh Harline & Ned Washington.  DV: Cliff Edwards (1940)
How High the Moon (1940) Wr: Nancy Hamilton & Morgan Lewis.  DV: Les Paul & Mary Ford (1951)
A Night in Tunisia (1942) Wr: Dizzy Gillespie & Frank Paparelli.  DV: Dizzy Gillespie (1942)
Salt Peanuts (1943) Wr: Dizzy Gillespie.  DV: Dizzy Gillespie (1945)
‘Round Midnight (1944) Wr: Thelonious Monk.  DV: Thelonious Monk (1947)
Some Enchanted Evening (1949) Wr: Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II.  DV: Perry Como (1949)
The Thrill Is Gone (1951) Wr: Roy Hawkins & Rick Darnell.  DV: B.B. King (1969)
Your Cheatin’ Heart (1952) Wr: Hank Williams.  DV: Hank Williams (1953)
Hoochie Coochie Man (1954) Wr: Willie Dixon.  DV: Muddy Waters (1954)
Shake, Rattle and Roll (1954) Wr: Jesse Stone.  DV: Big Joe Turner (1954)
Misty (1954) Wr: Erroll Garner & Johnny Burke.  DV: Erroll Garner (1955)
Bo Diddley (1955) Wr: Elias McDaniel.  DV: Bo Diddley (1955)
Folsom Prison Blues (1955) Wr: Johnny Cash.  DV: Johnny Cash (1955)
The Great Pretender (1955) Wr: Buck Ram.  DV: The Platters (1955)
Ain’t That A Shame (1955) Wr: Antoine Domino & Dave Bartholemew.  DV: Fats Domino (1955)
Why Do Fools Fall in Love (1955) Wr: Morris Levy & Frankie Lymon.  DV: Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers (1956)
You Send Me (1955) Wr: Sam Cooke.  DV: Sam Cooke (1957)
Louie Louie (1955) Wr: Richard Berry.  DV: The Kingsmen (1963)
In the Still of the Night (1956) Wr: Fred Parris.  DV: The Five Satins (1956)
Long Tall Sally (1956) Wr: Little Richard, Enotris Johnson & Robert Blackwell.  DV: Little Richard (1956)
That’ll Be The Day (1956) Wr: Buddy Holly & Jerry Allison.  DV: Buddy Holly (1957)
Peggy Sue (1957) Wr: Buddy Holly & Jerry Allison.  DV: Buddy Holly & the Crickets (1957)
Somewhere (1957) Wr: Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim.  DV: Richard Beymer (1961)
I Can’t Stop Loving You (1957) Wr: Don Gibson.  DV: Ray Charles (1962)
Good Golly Miss Molly (1958) Wr: John Marascalco & Robert Blackwell.  DV: Little Richard (1958)
Summertime Blues (1958) Wr: Eddie Cochran & Jerry Capehart.  DV: Eddie Cochran (1958)
The Battle of New Orleans (1958) Wr: Jimmy Driftwood.  DV: Johnny Horton (1959)
The Twist (1958) Wr. Hank Ballard.  DV: Chubby Checker (1960)
Save the Last Dance for Me (1960) Wr: Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman.  DV: The Drifters (1960)
Moon River (1961) Wr: Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer.  DV: Andy Williams (1961)
The Loco-Motion
(1962) Wr: Gerry Goffin & Carole King.  DV: Little Eva (1962)
She Loves You (1963) Wr: John Lennon & Paul McCartney.  DV: The Beatles (1963)
You Really Got Me (1964) Wr: Ray Davies.  DV: The Kinks (1964)  
A Love Supreme, Pt. 2: Resolution
(1964) Wr: John Coltrane.  DV: John Coltrane (1965)
A Love Supreme, Pt. 3: Pursuance (1964) Wr: John Coltrane.  DV: John Coltrane (1965)
A Love Supreme, Pt. 4: Psalm (1964) Wr: John Coltrane.  DV: John Coltrane (1965)
People Get Ready (1964) Wr: Curtis Mayfield.  DV: The Impressions (1965)
Help! (1965) Wr: John Lennon & Paul McCartney.  DV: The Beatles (1965)
In the Midnight Hour (1965) Wr: Wilson Pickett & Steve Cropper.  DV: Wilson Pickett (1965)
Subterranean Homesick Blues (1965) Wr: Bob Dylan.  DV: Bob Dylan (1965)
Mustang Sally (1965) Wr: Mack Rice.  DV: Wilson Pickett (1966)
Strangers In The Night (1966) Wr: Bert Kaempfert, Charles Singleton & Eddie Snyder.  DV: Frank Sinatra (1966)
I’m Waiting for the Man (1966) Wr: Lou Reed.  DV: The Velvet Underground (1967)
For What It’s Worth (1966) Wr: Stephen Stills.  DV: Buffalo Springfield (1967)
I Say A Little Prayer (1966) Wr: Burt Bacharach & Hal David.  DV: Aretha Franklin (1968)
Everybody’s Talkin’ (1966) Wr: Fred Neil.  DV: Harry Nilsson (1969)
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher (1967) Wr: Gary Jackson, Raynard Miner & Carl Smith.  DV: Jackie Wilson (1967)
Ode to Billie Joe (1967) Wr: Bobbie Gentry.  DV: Bobbie Gentry (1967)
Brown Eyed Girl (1967) Wr: Van Morrison.  DV: Van Morrison (1967)
Strawberry Fields Forever (1967) Wr: John Lennon.  DV: The Beatles (1967)
Soul Man (1967) Wr: Isaac Hayes & David Porter.  DV: Sam & Dave (1967)
Stand By Your Man (1968) Wr: Tammy Wynette & Billy Sherrill.  DV: Tammy Wynette (1968)
Mrs. Robinson (1968) Wr: Paul Simon.  DV: Simon & Garfunkel (1968)
Everyday People (1968) Wr: Sly Stone.  DV: Sly and the Family Stone (1968)
Suspicious Minds (1968) Wr: Mark James.  DV: Elvis Presley (1969)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (1968) Wr: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards.  DV: The Rolling Stones (1969)
My Way (1968) Wr: Claude Francois, Jacques Revaux & Paul Anka.  DV: Frank Sinatra (1969)
The Boxer (1968) Wr: Paul Simon.  DV: Simon and Garfunkel (1969)
Space Oddity (1969) Wr: David Bowie.  DV: David Bowie (1969)
Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head (1969) Wr: Burt Bacharach & Hal David.  DV: B.J. Thomas (1969)
Whole Lotta Love (1969) Wr: John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant & Willie Dixon.  DV: Led Zeppelin (1969)
Coal Miner’s Daughter (1969) Wr: Loretta Lynn.  DV: Loretta Lynn (1970)
Big Yellow Taxi (1970) Wr: Joni Mitchell.  DV: Joni Mitchell (1970)
Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine (1970) Wr: James Brown, Bobby Byrd & Ron Lenhoff.  DV: James Brown (1970)
Ohio (1970) Wr: Neil Young.  DV: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (1970)
Maggie May (1971) Wr: Rod Stewart & Martin Quittenton.  DV: Rod Stewart (1971)
Jealous Guy (1971) Wr: John Lennon.  DV: John Lennon (1971)
Baba O’Riley (1971) Wr: Pete Townshend.  DV: The Who (1971)
Lean on Me (1971) Wr: Bill Withers.  DV: Bill Withers (1972)
Summer Nights (1971) Wr: Warren Casey & Jim Jacobs.  DV: John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John (1978)
I Can See Clearly Now (1972) Wr: Johnny Nash.  DV: Johnny Nash (1972)
You Are the Sunshine of My Life (1972) Wr: Stevie Wonder.  DV: Stevie Wonder (1972)
If You Don’t Know Me By Now (1972) Wr:  Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff.  DV: Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes (1972)
Jolene (1973) Wr: Dolly Parton.  DV: Dolly Parton (1973)
The Way We Were (1973) Wr: Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman & Marvin Hamlisch.  DV: Barbra Streisand (1973)
Bette Davis Eyes (1974) Wr: Donna Weiss & Jackie DeShannon.  DV: Kim Carnes (1981)
Thunder Road (1975) Wr: Bruce Springsteen.  DV: Bruce Springsteen (1975)
Wish You Were Here (1975) Wr: David Gilmour & Roger Waters.   DV: Pink Floyd (1975)
Blitzkrieg Bop (1976) Wr: Tommy Ramone & Dee Dee Ramone.  DV: The Ramones (1976)
Dreams (1976) Wr: Stevie Nicks.  DV: Fleetwood Mac (1977)
I Feel Love (1976) Wr: Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte.  DV: Donna Summer (1977)
We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You (1977) Wr: Freddie Mercury.  DV: Queen (1977)
Alison (1977) Wr: Elvis Costello.  DV: Elvis Costello (1977)
Birdland (1977) Wr: Joe Zawinul.  DV: Weather Report (1977)
How Deep Is Your Love (1977) Wr: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb.  DV: Bee Gees (1977)
Old Time Rock and Roll (1978) Wr: George Jackson, Thomas E. Jones III & Bob Seger.  DV: Bob Seger (1978)
One Nation Under a Groove (1978) Wr: George Clinton, Walter Morrison & Garry Shider.  DV: Funkadelic (1978)
Roxanne (1978) Wr: Sting.  DV: The Police (1978)
Comfortably Numb (1979) Wr: David Gilmour & Roger Waters.  DV: Pink Floyd (1979)
My Sharona (1979) Wr: Doug Fieger & Berton Averre.  DV: The Knack (1979)
Redemption Song (1979) Wr: Bob Marley.  DV: Bob Marley (1980)
Call Me (1979) Wr: Debbie Harry & Giorgio Moroder.  DV: Blondie (1980)
9 to 5 (1980) Wr: Dolly Parton.  DV: Dolly Parton (1980)
(Just Like) Starting Over (1980) Wr: John Lennon.  DV: John Lennon (1980)
1999 (1982) Wr: Prince.  DV: Prince (1982)
Jack & Diane (1982) Wr: John Mellencamp.  DV: John Cougar (1982)
Beat It (1982) Wr: Michael Jackson.  DV: Michael Jackson (1982)
Sexual Healing (1982) Wr: Marvin Gaye & Odell Brown.  DV: Marvin Gaye (1982)
Up Where We Belong (1982) Wr: Jack Nitzsche, Buffy Sainte-Marie & Will Jennings.  DV: Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes (1982)
New Year’s Day (1982) Wr: U2.  DV: U2 (1983)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (1982) Wr: Annie Lennox & David A. Stewart.  DV: The Eurythmics (1983)
Blue Monday (1982) Wr: Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris & Bernard Summer.  DV: New Order (1983)
Little Red Corvette (1982) Wr: Prince.  DV: Prince (1983)
Jump (1983) Wr: Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony & David Lee Roth.  DV: Van Halen (1983)
Purple Rain (1983) Wr: Prince.  DV: Prince (1984)
Do They Know It’s Christmas? (1984) Wr: Bob Geldof & Midge Ure.  DV: Band Aid (1984)
Like a Virgin (1984) Wr: Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly.  DV: Madonna (1984)
Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) (1984) Wr: Kate Bush.  DV: Kate Bush (1985)
Kiss (1986) Wr: Prince.  DV: Prince (1986)
Graceland (1986) Wr: Paul Simon.  DV: Paul Simon (1986)
(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!) (1986) Wr: Beastie Boys, Rick Rubin & Tom Cushman.  DV: Beastie Boys (1986)
With or Without You (1986) Wr: Bono & U2.  DV: U2 (1987)
Just Like Heaven (1987) Wr: Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, Boris Williams & Lol Tolhurst.  DV: The Cure (1987)
Faith (1987) Wr: George Michael.  DV: George Michael (1987)
It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) (1987) Wr: Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills & Michael Stipe.  DV: R.E.M. (1987)
Free Fallin’ (1988) Wr: Tom Petty & Jeff Lynne.  DV: Tom Petty (1989)
Love Shack (1989) Wr: Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider, Keith Strickland & Cindy Wilson.  DV: The B-52’s (1989)
Personal Jesus (1989) Wr: Martin Gore.  DV: Depeche Mode (1989)
Come As You Are (1991) Wr: Kurt Cobain.  DV: Nirvana (1991)
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You (1991) Wr: Bryan Adams, Michael Kamen & Robert Lange.  DV: Bryan Adams (1991)
Enter Sandman (1991) Wr: Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield & Lars Ulrich.  DV: Metallica (1991)
Jeremy (1991) Wr: Eddie Vedder & Jeff Ament.  DV: Pearl Jam (1991)
Under the Bridge (1991) Wr: Flea, Frusciante, Kiedis & Smith.  DV: Red Hot Chili Peppers (1992)
Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang
(1992) Wr: Andre Young & Calvin Broadus.  DV: Dr. Dre (1992)
Tears in Heaven (1992) Wr: Eric Clapton & Will Jennings.  DV: Eric Clapton (1992)
All I Wanna Do (1993) Wr: Wyn Cooper, Sheryl Crow, David Baerwald, Bill Bottrell & Kevin Gilbert.  DV: Sheryl Crow (1993)
California Love (1995) Wr: Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman.  DV: 2Pac feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman (1995)
Bitter Sweet Symphony (1996) Wr: Richard Ashcroft/Jagger & Richards.  DV: The Verve (1997)
You’re Still the One (1997) Wr: Robert Lange & Shania Twain.  DV: Shania Twain (1998)
Lose Yourself (2002) Wr: Marshall Mathers, Luis Resto & Jeff Bass.  DV: Eminem (2002)
Seven Nation Army (2002) Wr: Jack White.  DV: The White Stripes (2003)
Hey Ya (2003) Wr: André 3000.  DV: Outkast (2003)
American Idiot (2004) Wr: Billie Joe Armstrong & Green Day.  DV: Green Day (2004)
Jesus Walks (2004) Wr: Kanye West & Che Smith.  DV: Kanye West (2004)
Gold Digger (2004) Wr: Kanye West & Renald Richard.  DV: Kanye West  feat. Jamie Foxx (2005)
Rehab (2006) Wr: Amy Winehouse.  DV: Amy Winehouse (2006)

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