Favorite Films of Germany and Austria

Here are my favorite films from Germany, West Germany and Austria (including co-productions).

Rated 10/10
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 
(Weine, 1920)
Aguirre: The Wrath of God (Herzog, 1972)
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (Herzog, 1974)
The Marriage of Maria Braun (Fassbinder, 1979)
Wings of Desire (Wenders, 1987)
Downfall (Hirschbiegel, 2004)
The Lives of Others (von Donnersmarck, 2006)
The White Ribbon (Haneke, 2009) (Germany/Austria/France/Italy)
Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Herzog, 2010) (Canada/US/France/Germany/UK)

Rated 9/10
Ghosts Before Breakfast
(Richter, 1928)
Pandora’s Box (Pabst, 1929)
M (Lang, 1931)
Lola Montès (Ophüls, 1955) (France/West Germany)
Land of Silence and Darkness (Herzog, 1971)
Fata Morgana (Herzog, 1971)
Heart of Glass (Herzog, 1976)
Stroszek (Herzog, 1977)
Hôtel Terminus (Ophüls, 1988) (West Germany/France/US)
Little Dieter Needs to Fly (Herzog, 1997) (Germany/UK/France)
The Piano Teacher (Haneke, 2001) (Austria/France/Germany)
Caché (Hidden) (Haneke, 2005) (France/Austria/Germany/Italy)
The Edge of Heaven (Akin, 2007) (Germany/Turkey/Italy)
Amour (Haneke, 2012) (Austria/France/Germany)
Barbara (Petzold, 2012)
Museum Hours (Cohen, 2012) (Austria/US)

Rated 8/10
Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror
(Murnau, 1922)
The Last Laugh (Murnau, 1924)
The Blue Angel (von Sternberg, 1930)
Vampyr (Dreyer, 1932) (France/Germany)
Triumph of the Will (Riefenstahl, 1935)
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (Fassbinder, 1974)
The American Friend (Wenders, 1977)
The Tin Drum (Schlöndorff, 1979)
Das Boot (Petersen, 1981)
Fitzcarraldo (Herzog, 1982)
Marlene (Schell, 1984)
Bagdad Cafe (Adlon, 1987)
The Nasty Girl (Verhoeven, 1990)
Europa Europa (Holland, 1990)
The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl (Müller, 1993)
Run Lola Run (Tykwer, 1998)
My Best Fiend (Herzog, 1999) (Germany/UK/US)
The Edukators (Weingartner, 2004)
Sophie Scholl – The Final Days (Rothemund, 2005)
The Loneliest Planet (Loktev, 2011) (Germany/US)
Goodnight Mommy (Fiala & Franz, 2014)

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