Best Films of 2002

I collected approximately 15 “Best Movies of 2002” lists and combined them into one list.  Here are the results.  The numbers in bold indicate the number of lists the movie was on.  An asterisk means I’ve seen it.

Far from Heaven – Todd Haynes

Spirited Away
– Hayao Miyazaki*
Talk to Her – Pedro Almodóvar*

About Schmidt – Alexander Payne*
Y Tu Mamá También – Alfonso Cuarón*

Adaptation – Spike Jonze*

The Pianist
– Roman Polanski*

Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner
– Zacharias Kunuk*
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Peter Jackson*

Lovely and Amazing
– Nicole Holofcener*
Gangs of New York – Martin Scorcese* 

Bloody Sunday
– Paul Greengrass*
Bowling for Columbine – Michael Moore*
Chicago – Rob Marshall*
Punch-Drunk Love – Paul-Thomas Anderson*
The Quiet American – Philip Noyce*
Time Out – Laurent Cantet*

About A Boy
– Chris and Paul Weitz*
8 Mile – Curtis Hanson*
The Hours – Stephen Daldry*
Minority Report – Steven Spielberg*
Road to Perdition – Sam Mendes

Auto Focus
– Paul Schrader*
Domestic Violence – Frederick Wiseman
I’m Going Home – Manoel de Oliveira
Late Marriage – Dover Koshashvili*
Monsoon Wedding – Mira Nair*
Personal Velocity: Three Portraits – Rebecca Miller*
Rabbit-Proof Fence – Philip Noyce*

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