The Lists

There are two types of lists on this website: (1) lists of my personal favorites and (2) meta-lists, that is, compilations of multiple lists compiled by others, usually critics, academics or other experts. For the second category, I have collected lists of movies, music, works of literature, scientific discoveries, etc. and combined them into larger, inclusive lists. In each case, I give each item one point for being on a list – I don’t weigh the scores based on the position of the item on the list. So, for example, every book on the “1001 Books to Read before You Die” list gets one point for being on that list. I then organize the lists in various ways, usually based on the number of lists that the item is on. So, for example, I found over 25 “Best Literature” lists, and Don Quixote is on 21 of them. No other book was on as many lists, so Don Quixote sits at the top of the combined list. In some cases, I have taken a list and rearranged it. Right now, for example, I have three versions of the ‘Best Literature’ list: the first is organized by the number of lists the item is on (this is the one with Don Quixote at the time, the second is chronological, with The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest piece of literature on the list (c. 2000 BCE) at the top, and the third is organized by author’s name.

As for the personal favorites lists, those are just what they sound like. Occasionally, I will make lists of my favorite works of literature, films, TV shows, music, etc., or some sub-genre of the above.

One thought on “The Lists

  1. keithgme

    This is a great blog! I am an avid consumer and producer of lists related to literature, music, films, art, etc., and this blog is the best organized, most comprehensive, and highest quality site I’ve found. Thank you for all of your work.


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